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DC-DC Buck Output 5V

  12V to 5V

  12v to 5v USB or DC

  24v to 5V

  24v to 5V USB power

  36V to 5V

  48V to 5V

  60V to 5V

  Car LED Screen Power 5V

  Car Recorder Power 5V

  5V Output Converter

DC-DC Buck Output 12V

    24V to 12V

    24V to 12V USB

    36V to 12V

    48V to 12V

    60V to 12V

DC-DC Buck Output 24V

      24V to 24V

      36V to 24V

      48V to 24V

      60V to 24V

DC-DC Buck Converters

        12-60V to 9V

        12V- 24V to 9V

        12V-24V to 3.3V

        12V-24V to 3.7V

        12V-24V to 4.2V

        12V-24V to 6V

        12V-24V to 7.5V

        24V to 13.8V

        24V to 15V

        24V to 19V

        48V to 36V

        9-60v to 6V

DC-DC Boost Converters

          12V /24V to 64V

          12v 24v to 60V-80V

          12v to 13.8v

          12v to 15v

          12v to 19v

          12V TO 24V

          12V to 24V

          12V to 27V or 28V

          12V to 36V

          12V to 48V

          12V to19V

          12V/24V to 72V

          12V/24V to80V

          12V24V to 60V

          24V to 36V

          24V to 48V

          24V to 48V

          36V to 48V

          36V to 48V

          5v-11v to 12v

          DC-DC booster (Adjustable)


            12V/ 24V AC - DC/5V

            12V/24V/36V/48V AC-DC/5V

            24V AC to DC 12V

            24V/36V/48V AC - DC/12V

            AC to DC Buck

            AC to DC adjustable

            DC Buck Converters

            AC-DC Converters

Super-Thin Converter

              12-24v to 5v

              12v to 5v

              24v to 12v

Automatic Adjusting Converter

                12v to 12v

                24v to 24v

Adjustable Converter

                  Adjustable Step-up Module

                  Ajustablet Step-down Module

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DC-DC converter DC12V(8.5-40V)to 5V 25A 125W

Item No.YS-12V24V-5V-125W
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DC-DC converter DC12V(8.5-40V)to 5V 25A 125W
Keywords: LED display vehicle power supply
Product type:YS-12V24V-5V-125W
Modulation: FM pulse width modulation
Connection: other /other
Function: the power transformer

Parameter table
Input voltage: DC12V/24V/36V (wide pressure 8.5V-40V)
Output voltage: DC:5V
Output current: 25A
Output power: 125W
The conversion rate: greater than 90% 80MV.
Working temperature: -40 to +85 DEG C
Size: 74*74*32MM (length * width * height)
Weight: 0.3KG/

Baby details:
1, the input voltage 8.5V-40V wide between an arbitrary voltage can be accurately output 5V, voltage stability.

2, this baby instantaneous peak of up to 40A, the long-term work suggests the use of below 22A; can ensure the power of calorific value is lower, longer life. Very stable performance, 100% of full power.

3, all components adopt imported original, synchronous rectification technology, aluminum alloy shell, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti seismic.

4, input the instant high voltage protection, output over-current protection, output short circuit protection, chip overheating protection function.

5, applicable voltage range electric appliances: electric motor, audio, navigation, monitoring, LED vehicle display, air conditioning, electric fan, solar energy, photovoltaic energy, DVD, LED lights, motors, pumps, and industrial electrical equipment and so on.

1, this power supply without reverse connection protection, input and output negative pole line cannot be reversed, please parents must pay attention to.

2, (remember, such as for LED car screen, this power is the 1 road output, please will power to control card, and then from the control card receiving unit plate, can be long-term with 8 - 10 monochrome (P10, P6, P7.62, F3.75, F5.0 double color half) please rest assured that the use of!

3, many customers worry that power cannot be used in the following 5A 5A devices, will burn?
Answer: No, because this power is our constant output voltage, current is adaptive output converter is to output according to the needs of your current device, as long as your device can be used in the following 5A, less than 5A on the line. Even if your device is 0.5A also like normal use, on the contrary, current the equipment you'll need more small, then you choose to power bigger actual more safety. This power supply has allowance, fever, more secure, more reliable! Hope dear are assured to buy!

4, a penny, a cargo, we must compare the parameters of performance comparison in comparing prices at the same time, there are a lot of vehicle power supply screen publicity 30A real long-term work only at about 16A on the market, the 5V25A power we are 100 percent full power output is propaganda, long-term work the work of 22A, can 8-10 Zhang unit board with long-term work, the size of the current publicity is not important. Is mainly to see how many can really load with the number of equipment; this is the reality of the.

5, waterproof power supply, the normal use of the first half of the year, hedging.
Input rated voltage DC12V/24V
Input voltage rangeDC(8.5-40)V
Efficiencyup to  90% of the output
Output voltageDC 5V
Output current25A
Output rated power125 Watts
Voltage regulation< 1%
Load regulation< 2%
Working temperature-40~+85
Waterproof ratingIP68
Over-voltage protectionYES
Over-current protectionYES
Over-temperature protectionYES
Short-circuit protectionNO
Item size74*74*32MM
N. Weight300g
Cooling wayFree air convection



This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 March, 2015.

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